Unseen Hands Tarot Presents...

Consult the oracle,
find the message,
& let it move you.

When you're


for spiritual guidance

…do you feel an  urgency that something is trying to tell you something and if you don’t get the message, you’ll miss what’s meant for you?

…do you go right into problem-solving mode, pulling cards, scrolling for horoscopes, checking the astrology? 

…does all the guidance out there online go in one ear and out the other? Can you hold onto any of it long enough to really apply it?

…do you struggle with a consistent devotional practice? Do you wish for an easy-to-follow structure for your self-work explorations?

Maybe you need

to shift

…out of Fear-of-Missing-the-Message & into a dynamic relationship with your natural seasonal cycles & rhythms.

…out of the problem-solving spins and into curiosity for the unseen possibilities all around you.

…out of doubting your intuition and into trust that the message will reveal itself over time.

…out of anxious, scattered content-consumption into intentionally tracking insights to clearly connect the dots.

You're Invited Into

Consult the Oracle

Consult the oracle with Tarot Readings for each Zodiac Sign. We will ask the cards to show how you are shifting through each season so you can tune into your ongoing evolution.

Explore the Message

Your shifts will reveal themselves to you throughout the seasons. We hold spaces to connect with other self-work sleuths so you can share about your readings, track transits, pull cards with one another. We collect & track the clues & insights you need as you shift.

Let it Move You!

With check-ins and consistent touch points, you can track your progress and feel yourself shifting in real time. At the end of each season, you will have the hindsight to clearly see, share, and celebrate your shifts!

“Things are always evolving, moving in cycles. The shift readings have given me visual and narrative anchor points to help me observe, recognize, and flow with those evolutions and movements.”
“The Shift Readings deepen my awareness of patterns in my life, offering me the chance to take a step back and get a different perspective. I think ‘shifting’ is an accurate way to describe these readings because Amanda not only gives clarity as to where we are going but also where we are at or where we were. It’s always been so potent for me. And she deals deeply in symbolism and visuals which is exciting for someone like me who is very visually focused! They stick with me for a long time!”
Dustin Owen

Do you wish for

…regular tarot readings that offer you the reflection to see your life more clearly in the cards?

…a space to process your tarot pulls, shifts & transits with other esoteric seekers? 

…a consistent weekly practice to connect with yourself, meditate, move, pull cards, and reflect?

…an easy way to track your experiences over time so you can reflect back & note how you’ve shifted?

the space to shift?

What's Inside

The Shift Readings

Tarot readings for the zodiac signs drop at the beginning of each season. As a member, you have access to all 12 readings in their entirety + the archives, so you can find the inspiration you need to shift through the seasons.

your shift companion

This downloadable planner/journal combo takes you through the season week by week. Monthly & weekly views show all major astrology transits & Shifting Space events, and give you space to notate your insights and experiences as they happen. With your card pulls, transits & notes all in one place, you can look back in hindsight and easily connect the dots of how you’ve shifted over the season!


These free-form weekly meets are a time to consult your body as an oracle so you can connect with your own intuition. Meditate, move, pull cards, catch up on your Shift Companion. This is your space to commit to a regular devotional practice. 

The XChange

A private Discord community chat space where you can dish on your shifts! Get daily transit updates, share insights on your readings, source card pulls from the community, & feel the support of like-minds.

Mid & End Season Lives

Midway through the season, at Shift-Check Live, we pull cards for each sign to see where you are in your shape-shift. Then we meet again at the end of the season for Hindsight Live! where you can reflect, share, & celebrate how you have shifted! 

A Season in The Shifting Space

Peep the Space!

Play Video

Can you see yourself here?

Join us for the Seasons in

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$ 44 Monthly
  • Seasonal Shift Zodiac Readings
  • Shift Companion Journal/Planner
  • Weekly Devotional Meets
  • The XChange Community Chat
  • Mid & End-of-Season Live Check-ins!

Maybe you're thinking...

Maybe you feel like you don’t have time to journal in your busy life. Or maybe you have a hard time staying consistent or get overwhelmed with too much to track. 

Recording your thoughts and experiences may feel like one more thing to do, but it actually relieves your brain of having to hold everything up there all the time. Give your brain a break! Get your thoughts, ideas, & ruminations out of you! Put them somewhere they can be kept safe while you go live your life. That way, when you have more brain space, you’ll have something to come back to and reflect with.

When you think of timelines, you feel pressure because time has become another tool for productivity and capital. And you know that time is largely a human perception rather than a full reality – life is not linear!

All of this is true. Time is NOT linear it is totally cyclical. The thing about cycles is, they lead you back to where you were and round and round again. Cycles are easy to get lost in, if you don’t mark your place. Orient yourself. Note your experience in time, however you conceive of it.

Maybe you don’t yet know all the card meanings and astrology feels like a huge rabbit hole you just haven’t had time to get into. Interacting with tarot & astrology as a newb can activate some imposter syndrome and feel overwhelming.

But knowledge only really comes through practice. They’re called tools because they’re meant to be used. The more you use them, the more you learn. The more you learn, the less of a beginner you feel. So it’s never too early to just start working with this stuff. Get it in your hands. The sooner you start, the more practice you’ll get. 


“The shift readings from Unseen Hands were one of my most impactful supports throughout 2020. Adjusting to the pandemic, a cross-country move, sudden death of my father, loss of a pregnancy, full-time psychotherapy practice and homeschooling both of my children brought me to an absolute breaking point. The readings gave me hope and a compassionate, constructive perspective on my life that could include the immediate challenges I faced. I looked forward to these readings and used what came up to reflect and make meaning out of what felt like chaos. I was able to see the events around me as opportunities where I could apply my inherent gifts that were given language through discussions of the signs. I can never overstate the importance of this work in my life and will always be in gratitude for the strength these readings helped me access when I felt so powerless.”
Leslie Icenhour
“[The Shift Readings] really encourage me to slow down and reflect in ‘contained’ ways rather than just scattered ways.”
Rianne BeCraft
“They help me connect more to the energies in the present moment…we all get so busy and at times I find myself just going through the motions. But whenever I tune into The Shift Readings, it’s like, “ahhh,” like a recalibration and a grounding in the present.”
Cindy Stricklen


You can join The Shifting Space at anytime. However, the doors officially open for a short time at the start of each season, on the Solstice/Equinox. Since we track our shifts over time together, joining the space at the start of the season ensures that you get your full shift experience! 

You’ll receive weekly emails to give you the scoop in The Shifting Space for that week. You’ll also be sent reminder emails on the day of our live meets so you don’t miss them. 

The XChange Community Chat has an Announcements channel where we can stay on the same page. Updates, event links, and replays will be posted here for you to access on your phone anytime. 

Each season, your reader creates video tarot readings using the Shape-Shift Spread for each sign of the Zodiac. The spread uses 3 main cards to look at the shape you’re shifting out of, the shape you’re shifting into, and what that shape-shift might look & feel like through the season. Then, she uses 2-3 other decks to pull clarifying cards for each part of the shape-shift. At the end of each reading, she’ll pull an oracle card or two to offer some succinct advice for the season. 

“The Shifts” drop at the solstices & equinoxes and are your touchstone as you live through the season in The Shifting Space.

Once you’re logged into the Shifting Space as a member, your homepage has everything you need in one place! There are 12 flip cards at the top of the page – one for each zodiac sign. Watch the shift readings for your Sun, Moon, Rising or all 12 signs! You’ll also be able to access the archive of Shift Readings from past seasons. Quick links to view the current season’s Shift Readings are also accessible in The XChange Community Chat.

Shift Tracking is the heart of your experience in The Shifting Space. Looking back on your shifts in hindsight, things come into full-circle clarity…if you have been keeping track.

The Shift Companion is a downloadable PDF that you can print out or upload to a digital notes app (like GoodNotes or NoteLedge). Your Companion takes you through the season week by week. The Monthly and Weekly views give you all the major astrology transits, Shifting Space events, and a space to track your own transits, card pulls, and insights. There are checkpoints to re-watch your shifts and write your reflections at the mid and endpoints of the season. There are also summaries of the shift readings so you can easily find what cards were pulled for you this season.   

Discord is a free chat platform popularly used by gaming communities. The Shift XChange is a private Discord server for Shifting Space Members only. Download the Discord App on your phone (or computer) and you’ll be able to easily stay connected with the community.

In The XChange, there are separate spaces called “channels” where we can chat about specific things.

There’s a Transit-Talk channel where almost daily updates are posted on the movements of the planets. Track transits and connect your experiences of the astrology of the moment with The Shift Readings.

There’s a Shift-Talk channel to share insights on the readings.

There’s even a Card-Pulls channel where you can share spreads and source card pulls from the community.

There’s an Announcements channel where you can stay updated with events and replays.

There’s a Quick Links channel so you can find weekly and seasonal live event links, as well as Shift Reading video links, quickly.

They’re a short, consistent weekly practice that helps you to connect with yourself, pull cards, journal, meditate and release your body on a regular basis. They’re a tool for you to touch base with how you are shifting in your present experience, week to week.

Can you describe a typical Moves meetup? Moves happen via Zoom and last about 45 mins. The first 15 mins Amanda will lead the group in connecting with your body to let whatever is present in you move its way through. The next 15 mins, you’ll be on your own to meditate, pull cards or journal. In the final 5-10 mins, we’ll have a chance to share our insights.

Is there privacy? Absolutely! You can have your camera off or on. You can share at the end or not. You can turn your mic on or just drop a note in the chat. Whatever anonymity you need, from week to week, you have in Moves. 

When is Moves? Moves happen via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST.

What if I can’t make it live? Moves are recorded and the replay will be posted in the membership space and linked in The XChange the next day so you can move with us on your own time. If you can’t come live, it’s recommended that you choose another time in the week and keep that date with yourself consistent.

Weekly Moves and our two live sessions of each season, Shift-Check Live & Hindsight Live, happen via Zoom. The links are posted on your Events Calendar in The Shifting Space, in The XChange Discord, & will be in your event reminder emails.

All our live meets are recorded! So the replays of Weekly Moves, Shift-Check Live, & Hindsight Live will be posted in The Shifting Space and linked in The XChange for you to enjoy in your own time.

There is an account tab in The Shifting Space where you will be able to cancel your membership at anytime. If you run into any issues with payment  you are encouraged to reach out to Amanda to troubleshoot.

Personal Reading offerings are not part of The Shifting Space. This space was created to hold you as you investigate your own shifts through the season, using the zodiac Shift Readings, and to offer you ways to connect with others who may be shifting in similar ways. Amanda is certainly a member of the community and is shifting right along with you! So you’ll have the opportunity to connect with her and other shifters in The XChange where we pull cards for one another, track & chat about transits, and offer our thoughts on the shifts. Feeling the pulse of a whole community of folks shifting together is the juice in The Shifting Space. 

Amanda’s books do periodically open for Personal Readings. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Meet Your Reader

Hi, I’m Amanda.

I am a queer intuitive artist and tarot reader. I’ve shape-shifted many times in this life, each evolution illuminating the ones that follow. Previous iterations as a theater artist and bodyworker could never have predicted the ways they would shift & shape the hands that shuffle for you today.

It is my honor to translate the language(s) of the cards. I follow the clues & sense into the undercurrents, seeking the mysteries that are most alive in us. I am no authority. I am a go-between, invoking the oracles within & beyond us all. I invite you into the invocation.

Bring your questions, your confusions, your conundrums – these are our openings. Together, with the cards, perhaps we can peer into the unseen.

“It’s like you bring all the fragments of a dream together into a whole in The Shifts. So helpful.”
Megan Alexander
“The Shift Readings have always reinforced that what I’m experiencing is the real deal. It has helped my perspective. Especially since they’ve been so dead-on…how do these feel like personal readings?”
Ann Claire Baber
“The Shifts are a way for me to create intention around checking in with myself and planning ahead. Taking the time to sit down, make notes, draw, dream - a form of intimacy with that season of life!”
Chelsea Crossett

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$ 44 Monthly
  • Seasonal Zodiac Shift Readings
  • Shift Companion Journal/Planner
  • Weekly Devotional Meets
  • The Shift XChange Community Chat
  • Mid & End-of-Season Live Check-ins!

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