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Aries Summer Shift Reading


Taurus Summer Shift Reading

Off Your Feet

Gemini Summer Shift Reading

An Invitation

Cancer Summer Shift Reading

Waiting on the Word

Leo Summer Shift Reading

Learn By Doing

Virgo Summer Shift Reading

Travel Lightly

Libra Summer Shift Reading

Secret Garden

Scorpio Summer Shift Reading

Trust Time

Sagittarius Summer Shift Reading

Coming Out

Capricorn Summer Shift Reading

It's Your Turn

Aquarius Summer Shift Reading

Clear the Cache

Pisces Summer Shift Reading


Unseen Hands has created a space to support you as you shift through the seasons! 

Enjoy your full Shift Readings & so much more. Check out:

The Get Read Podcast

A podcast where you ask a question of the cards and #getread! Click the blue microphone on the side of your screen, record your question and maybe you’ll get read on the next episode! The Get Read Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & you can watch the Vidcasts on the Unseen Hands Tarot YouTube Channel! Check out the latest episode:

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Meet Your Reader

I'm Amanda.

I am a queer intuitive artist and tarot reader. I’ve shape-shifted many times in this life, each evolution illuminating the ones that follow. Previous iterations as a theater artist and bodyworker could never have predicted the ways they would shift & shape the hands that shuffle for you today.

It is my honor to translate the language(s) of the cards. I follow the clues & sense into the undercurrents, seeking the mysteries that are most alive in us. I am no authority. I am a go-between, invoking the oracles within & beyond us all. I invite you into the invocation.

Bring your questions, your confusions, your conundrums – these are our openings. Together, with the cards, perhaps we can peer into the unseen.

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